From August to October 2010, we and a billion others became involved with the Chilean miners’ ordeal.

At first, a handful of the miners’ wives and families staged a vigil at the mine head, vowing not to leave until every rescue plan had been tried. The initial attempts, although brave and daring, produced no results. Gradually, over the following days, hopes dwindled. No-one knew whether the miners were dead or alive.

Engineers from around the world felt compelled to help.
After failing to make contact with numerous bore-holes, on day 17 a drill finally broke through to the chamber where the miners were entombed.

The whole world became engrossed in the ensuing drama until they were, finally, rescued. INCANTATION were inspired to record “ATACAMA” as a tribute to the miners and their rescuers.

About Incantation:

INCANTATION, over many years, have produced authentic South American music and many blends of ethnic musics which have captivated large audiences world-wide.
Music for films such as The Mission, Braveheart, Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Avatar, have kept the band to the forefront, engaging cinema goers and music lovers alike.

For “ATACAMA“, Tony Hinnigan, Mike Taylor and Tony Maloney have collectively written and produced 13 tracks of evocative music which take you to the place and share with you the Chilean miners’ story. Together with native Chilean instruments, strings, brass, rock and flamenco guitars and all manner of percussion create a rich and diverse album.

Atacama Music Player


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