“Estamos bien”

The story of the Chilean Miners

Track 1. Atacama

– The Atacama Desert region in Chile

Track 2. Trabajo

– Working at the mine / the collapse

Track 3. Lamento de Mujeres

– The wives lament

Track 4. Desolacion

– Desolation

Track 5. Nos dan fuerza

– Give us strength ( the wives constant vigil )

Track 6. Adelanto

–  The drill break through

Track 7. ‘Estamos bien’

The miners are alive and well

Track 8. Para el Phoenix

– For the Phoenix capsule that rescued them

Track 9. Ascender

– The ascent into the light

Track 10. Reconciliacion

– Reconciliation

Track 11. Celebracion

– Celebration

Track 12. Gracias de nuestros Corazones

– Thanks from our hearts

Track 13. La vida continua

– Life goes on


All tracks written and produced by INCANTATION;
Mike Taylor/ Tony Hinnigan /Tony Maloney © 2010-2012



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